For lovers looking for an unusual experience, we propose a traditional Mayan ceremony. Couples seeking a cosmic union as a man and a woman can perpetuate their union through an eloquent and emotional ceremony consummated according to traditional Mayan customs. The ritual is performed on the beach by a Mayan Shaman. The symbolism of the Mayan wedding will be explained to you before the ritual to avoid interrupting the cosmic flow.

The bride and groom and their guests should dress in simple clothing with natural texture and white or ecru colors and are urged to go barefoot, as the ceremony emphasizes our interaction with Mother Nature. Also, the bride will be able to wear a consistent traditional Mayan outfit in a white skirt and elegantly embroidered hipil, adorning her hair with a headdress of tropical flowers.

The ceremony is accompanied by evocative music performed with pre-Hispanic instruments and intonations of the sacred Mayan shell. The incense from the copal tree will float in the environment. Surrounded by their guests, the bride and groom pose with the shaman who betrays an altar which is decorated with floral representations of the four cardinal points. These four points symbolize the four Mayan gods of the cosmos. A candle in the center represents the unity of the feminine (Mother Earth) and the masculine (Cosmic Energy) which is lit by the Shaman during the ritual while sharing the ancient Mayan ideologies concerning the union of husband and wife.

The intense mystical ceremony will unify in a very special way both the couple and their guests, leaving unforgettable memories.



Included services:

  • Mayan Wedding Montage
  • Shaman
  • Unlimited consultations via phone or email with your Wedding Coordinator
  • Coordination of wedding and holiday details before the ceremony
  • Support from your Wedding Coordinator on your wedding day
  • Facilities in our areas for your photoshoot
  • Special rate on accommodation for your guests
  • Early check-in at 12:00 p.m.
  • Late check-out at 3:00 p.m.

Not included services:

  • Pre-wedding reception beautifully set up the night before at the pool with wine, canapes, and background music.
  • Banquet and drinks
  • Transportation and accommodation for your guests

Services included for the bride and groom:

  • Transfers CUN – Le Reve – CUN.
  • Welcome “Le Reve” cocktail.
  • Two-night accommodation in a Master Suite with ocean views.
  • A la carte breakfasts during your two-night stay
  • Relaxing massage for the bride
  • Relaxing massage for the groom
  • Dinner by candlelight in the privacy of your cabin one day before or after the wedding
  • Bottle of refreshing champagne
  • Bridal breakfast served in the room
  • Creation of menu (s) according to your tastes and budget
  • Tasting menu
  • Taxes

Price: 50,900.00 Mexican Pesos per package per couple

By guaranteeing 30 rooms for 2 nights and hiring the banquet for 80 people, the “Maya Wedding” package is on us.

Valid until December 14, 2020. Price subject to change without notice